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About The Parent Cooperative Community

PCC was founded in 1997 after countless hours of late night and weekend discussions between like minded parents of adoptive children with special needs. These parents were peers and fellow service providers ... physical therapists, occupational therapists, credentialed teachers, professors, licensed therapists, psychiatrists and more. We found that while our children were individuals, the challenges they faced in the community were similar; and the challenges we faced towards meeting their needs were similar. Read more ...

Our Mission Statement

The PCC Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the resources, training, and support necessary to cooperatively assist adoptive families with children whose histories of institutionalization, abuse, neglect and multiple placements have rendered them unable to benefit from the services of other more traditional community providers.

The Facilities

Outside Patio Play Area cats Dining Room
Our Facility is a big nine bedroom house with a full deck on over an acre. We are within a ten minute walk of the American River Parkway where our participants swim, fish, kayak, hike and build forts. Our backyard farm includes a vegetable garden, fruit and nut trees and many different kinds of berries that our participants care for and harvest. Our barn boasts chickens, ducks and rabbits. The deck and patio provide room for workout equipment, several seating areas, and a sensory-motor area that expands to an extensive play structure. Our participants enjoy playing basketball and street hockey on the uncovered patio as well. The classroom is comfortable and modern with computers and equipment to accommodate a variety of sensory-motor and learning challenges. Therapy offices are in house saving the participants and their families the time and upset associated with transitions. Our music room holds a variety of instruments and equipment for individual and group lessons. View more photos

Meet Our Staff

Edward OlveraMA, MFT
AdministratorEdward Olvera
MA, MFT Administrator

Edward and his wife are parents of seven adopted children, one biological child and several guardianship children. They are also raising their grandson. Edward is retired from county adoption services. Edward is a program founder. In his position at the Parent Cooperative Community, he insures compliance with a plethora of complex county, state and federal regulations. He is very generous with his time as an "all-around-helper guy" who is willing to show up at the facility day or night when his help is needed with a struggling child, or a plumbing crisis. Edward is an advanced NLP trainer who enjoys facilitating and attending trainings all over the world. He loves spending time with his children hiking, biking and climbing. Hanging out and playing with his grandson is also at the top of his list.

Visit Our Photo Gallery!

Our facility sits on a beautiful acre of land in Fair Oaks, California. We have nine inviting bedrooms, a spacious dining room and kitchen and plenty of room to meet and interact throughout the house. The bedrooms offer sanctuary and are great to get away for a little introspection when needed. We have friendly dogs and cats that love children and a barnyard with chickens, ducks, a pig, a sheep and even a pony! The backyard has a jungle gym, playhouses, exercise equipment, trampoline and teatherball to release that pent up energy or a serene enclosed patio for anyone who just wants to relax and enjoy the view. Visit the gallery
photo gallery photo gallery


Where do I begin? How do I adequately say anything that could even come close to what the feelings in my heart are for you and all you have dome for my both my family and me personally?

I am truly humbled by your giving and loving spirit towards families and children who are struggling. We will be forever grateful for your love and example to our family. You have give us the tools to help our family succeed.

You also saved our family, as we were on the verge of splitting in separate ways. You gave us new hope.

"Don't tell your community ... Read more
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