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Feedback is very important to all of us at PCC. Every member of our community from board members, staff and volunteers, parents and siblings to the youngest child participant benefits from being uplifted as well as being called on to strive towards peak individual potential. We are invested in creating a culture of strengths, resources and thankfulness on site and in the greater community we serve.
You taught me how to strong sit & feed the animals. You taught me to be a part of a family & have fun. I now know the rules of a family, and I know how to do what is right.

You taught me to do what my mom and dad say. I had a lot of fun times at your house.

Thank you!
- DM
Thank you so much for teaching me how to love myself and come to love my family even when I really didn't want to, and for sticking by me when I put you and your family at risk when I was mean and not appreciative of you.

Thank you for always being there for me and being honest with me.

Even though I didn't like it, thank you for holding me accountable for my behaviors. Also, I appreciate you helping me sort out my past, and how I was abused, and helping me figure out that I can feel more comfortable just being myself.

Thank you for loving me and helping me be the person that I am.

You are like a second mom to me! I love you, ma'am.

Love Always,
- KM
From the first day I walked through your door, you have been there to support me. There were times when I thought we would never like each other, but once that cloud of judgement and irrational thinking passed, I realized that the woman standing before me was going to be the most realistic angel in my life.

There has never been a better person than you to get me through my suicidal thoughts and anxiety. You have been honest about EVERYTHING, and a lot of the time it hurts to hear the truth. I now know that I can live a true life knowing that you never gave up on me. I want to say thank you a million times for everything you've done for me and my family. I consider you part of my family, and will always love you for blessing my life.

You are my teacher, my coach, and my friend. Thank you for helping me heal my heart and I will serve you in return as a student, teammate, and friend.

Thank you for showing me how to live, and how it feels to be loved.

All my love,
- CL
Like the poem "Footprints in the Sand," when it says, "I was always with you when you were hurting I was carrying you through the sand..."

This is how you have been to and I have never seen eye to eye, but I know you have helped me a lot, though I have not always agreed with the program... it was mostly because I am really freaking lazy and don't like push-ups, sit-ups, or any of that lol. suffice to say I could not have gotten as far as I have without the program, without you, I have not always seen the strong kid I am now, I remember times when I would fight you on everything that would happen, I would lie down in the rain, run away multiple times, disobey my parents and you constantly, and cuss my head off. but now I am farther along than that and it is because of the help both you, my parents and other parents at the program have given me. you have helped me to build a relationship with my parents, we have laughed together and cried together but mostly we have loved one another and so here is a poem I have written for you.

Help - dedicated to Carla DeRose

One day at a time that's what they say
but they don't know the climb they never walked that way
despite the words nothing was done
then surprise, into you I run
you give me your hand I give you my trust
and though I fought you never said "enough!"
you never ran when you saw the real me
you tried to help whatever was seen
you kept pushing never to quit
with your good sense of humor
with your sarcastic wit
for this and more I thank you
as much as I can
you guarded my trust and I took your hand
you made me into who I am

I love you ma'am.
Thank you for helping me and my family. I am so glad I got the opportunity to meet you and know you. you have been a great friend, 2nd mom, family, helper, and giver in so many ways. Your always there when someone needs a hand and when where going down for the count your always there to lift us up. I am so grateful I get to be a part of your life. I know things have been getting hard lately, but we are all here for you and these hard things in your life are only a testimony to your strength. I love you and I things will get better. have fun with your family and know I love you and always will.
Guess what comes before Christmas Eve? Christmas Adam. Get it? Adam and Eve. I wish you a merry Christmas. I wish for you to have a fun time with your family and to have a safe time with your friends. I have learned a lot from when I went to your program and I learned that you can't always count on the people you take advantage of, you must learn to do it yourself. Like you always say, you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink. I learned that I need to do things on my own, but I still must ask for help. It's alright to ask for help, even when your down, that's what you taught me, and that's what I know to do now. But I still wish you a Merry Christmas.
- JD
I haven't known you for too long, but you have been very helpful to me. Thank you for teaching math, reading skills, and to have tools to calm down. Thank you for working with me when I'm angry and sad. Thank you for helping Ms. S by giving her a break when I'm nasty to her. Thank you for letting us do cookie houses the other day. Here's my joke:

Q: How many Myles does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: None, because they are too afraid of the dark when it burns out.

Thank you for helping kids like me. I love you.
- M
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